Traditional Thai Yoga
“Ruesi Dat Ton” In Depth 30 Hour Online Intensive with instructor David Wells

Join us for a rare in depth training in all aspects of Traditional “Ruesi Dat Ton”, the Holistic Self-Care System of Thailand

TRAINING TOPICS: Breathing Techniques, Full Body Self Massage, Joint Mobilization, Basic and covering Advanced Excersizes and Postures in seated, supine, prone, standing and balancing, and much more!

  • SEPTEMBER 17-21 2020
  • ZOOM app, computer with camera and microphone needed to participate
  • 30 CEU hours for Yoga Alliance, Yoga Therapy IAYT, and LMTs NCBTMB
  • TUITION $600 Includes E-handbook

Class will be held in the comfort and social distance safety of your own home. We opted for this format in June and it went so well we wanted to try it again. While we missed being with eachother in person, we were able to include people from all over the US & Canada. Ancient self care techniques to nourish and reduce stress in our current crisis? Yes! Please! No prerequisites required.


Thai Herbal Compress Class 6 CEU

Grab your mortar & pestle and join the fun as we learn how to create a traditional Thai herbal compress and how to use it safely & effectively. The aromatic and herbal effects of the beauties will have your clients swooning, But they’re not just spa props. These are deeply medicinal and therapeutic tools for nourishing, softening, moving stagnation and detoxifying deeper tissues.  A wonderful addition to any bodywork practice. 

  • identify and define properties of commonly used Thai herbs
  • learn about the Thai Taste Systems for herbal classification
  • chop, pound and blend intoxicating Thai herbs
  • build your own Thai Herbal Compress
  • learn & practice how & when to apply herbal compress massage techniques 
  • cover equipment, sourcing & safety precautions


Essentials of Thai Bodywork: Layers & Lines

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This foundational course from The Naga Center School of Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine is so unique that experienced Thai massage practitioners and instructors along with those that are new to Thai bodywork, will find themselves engaging in an in-depth inspirational learning experience. From an examination of the history of Thai medicine, to a hands on approach to Thai bodywork that is rooted in understanding Thai medical theory. Come with us on a journey of learning that is like no other.

• Instruction in how to give a full body Thai massage
• Understanding of the layers of the physical body through Thai medicine perspective
• Examination of the sen lines, a unique understanding of our connection to movement
• Techniques for supine, prone and seated massage
• History, theory, and spirituality of Thai healing arts
• Daily Reusi Da Ton, Thai self care practices
• Daily traditional Thai healing arts spiritual practice

-This class is affiliated with and a prerequisite to more advanced learning at The Naga Center School of Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine: www.nagacenter.org


The focus of this level 2 class is the skillful application of deep tissue techniques that bring true structural change to muscle, fascia and sen, along with targeted luxurious stretches that open and release the body. There are no prerequisites for this class although Thai Essentials is recommended.  Thai Medical Theory, History and Thai Element Theory will be reviewed.

Course provides:
• Ability to give a full body Thai massage
• Deep tissue techniques for structural change, healing, and release
• Techniques for supine, prone, sidelying and seated positions
• Thai and Lanna passive stretch therapies
• Advanced tendon, ligament and nerve treatment techniques
• Daily reusi da ton (Thai self care)
• Daily traditional Thai healing art spiritual practice

-This class is affiliated with and a prerequisite to more advanced learning at The Naga Center School of Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine: www.nagacenter.org


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RUESI DAT TON Thai Self Massage & Stretching Class:

In this workshop we will learn simple, effective techniques that can be easily practiced at home and shared with your friends and family. We will focus on deep tissue compression and passive stretching to free the pathways of movement in the body. Thai massage can range from calming and relaxing to intense deep tissue release. Utilizing elbows, knees, feet, and your own body weight saves your hands from fatigue and creates a fun and playful massage experience to give and receive. You don’t need to bring a partner to participate!

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Learn to give yourself a full body Thai Massage with Traditional Thai Self Care Techniques. Participants will be introduced to Ruesi Dat Ton, a complete self care system from Thai Traditional Medicine. Practices will include full body self massage and joint mobilization exercise sequences as well as postures to soften and treat stuck muscle tissue, free up the joints and create new space in the body & mind. As a massage therapist and yoga instructor I can attest to the therapeutic benefit of RDT as unmatched for targeted injury prevention and treatment. More importantly RDT is really fun & feels great!