Treatment-Specific Thai Massage

Body Maintenance for Active People…


Montana Thai Therapeutics: provides Treatment-Specific Thai Massage rooted in Traditional Thai Medicine that supports injury treatment as well as body maintenance for active people.

Very often I find myself answering questions about what Thai Massage is and how can help, how it differs from Deep Tissue massage and why it’s so great…

As a client, I fell for the deep, calming compressions, specific point work, and remarkable, luxurious stretches that are well known staples of Thai Massage. Inspired by receiving  amazing bodywork, I travelled to Thailand to learn this truly incredible work! I have travelled to Thailand multiple times and have over 1,000 hours of study in Thai Massage, Thai Medical Theory, and Ruesi Dat Ton, the Thai system of yoga & self care. In each session I choose from a variety of traditional tools to meet each client’s unique treatment goals.

Treatment-specifc Thai Massage sessions may include use of truly amazing imported hot herbal compresses for soothing tension and softening tight muscles as well as decreasing inflammation, imported & home made traditional herbal balms and liniments for penetrating and healing the deeper layers of the body, cupping & scraping, which both pull excess heat and toxins out of the body and lengthen fascia; and tok sen, a percussive tool used to disperse tension and restore movement.

These therapies and techniques are true preventative medicine and can help with body, mind & spirit care & maintenance, support athletic training programs, increase body awareness, flexibility and range of motion, allowing for a more balanced approach to fitness; and treat a multitude of injuries and issues including (but not limited to!) the following:

  • decrease anxiety & create a sense of calm
  • address chronic pain
  • clear back & neck pain
  • treat nerve pain and neuropathy
  • improve digestive issues
  • address specific sports injuries
  • heal plantar fascitis
  • break the cycle of repetitive motion injuries
  • heal scar tissue
  • break up adhesions
  • increase recovery time from hard workouts, acute injury, and chronic injury
  • improve circulation, flexibility, and  range of motion

Treatment-specific  Thai Massage is adaptable to a table style massage or fully clothed on a mat on the floor.