Ruesi Dat Ton

Reusi Dat Ton or Thai Yoga is a Traditional Thai self care system involving range of motion exercises, self massage, postures and breathing exercises.  Ruesi is the Thai word for Yogi or Rishi, Dat means stretching,  and Ton means self. The ancient Ruesi are attributed with developing Thai Massage from these self care practices. As a Thai Massage practitioner,  understanding RDT can greatly deepen your connection to the power of Thai Bodywork.  Many of the RDT self care techniques are quite similar to Thai Massage techniques. As a massage therapist and yoga instructor Ruesi Dat Ton particularly appeals to me and has become an important daily practice and one that I share with my clients. The daily range of motion sequence helps me to prepare my body for the day, identify limitations and restrictions in my body as well as to balance my own energy. The self massage practice provides me with amazing techniques to treat those issues and heal myself. I use RDT to successfully relieve tension headaches, reduce neck and shoulder tension and pain, improve a chronic back injury by mobilizing the low back and hips and releasing the accompanying muscles with self massage. I also find the practice to reduce stress and increase energy. Most important Ruesi Dat Ton is really fun and feels great. I recommend this practice for everybody!

Thanks to my teacher David Wells  for the carefully researched and meticulously detailed teachings. His easy to use new manual is now available Self Massage and Joint Mobilization of Traditional Thai Yoga: Ruesi Dat Ton Part 1 Handbook.

*above pictures are  Ruesi statues at the famous Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand